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Yoshimoto, A., Morikawa, S., Kato-Ishikura, E., Takeuchi, H., and Ikegaya, Y.
Top-down brain circuits for operant bradycardia.
Science, 384:eadl3353, 2024.
Yawata, Y., Shikano, Y., Ogasawara, J., Makino, K., Kashima, T., Ihara, K., Yoshimoto, A., Morikawa, S., Yagishita, S., Tanaka, K.F., and Ikegaya, Y.
Mesolimbic dopamine release precedes actively sought aversive stimuli.
Nature Communications, 14:2433, 2023.
Noguchi, A., Huszár, R., Morikawa, S., Buzsáki, G., and Ikegaya, Y.
Inhibition allocates spikes during hippocampal ripples.
Nature Communications, 13:1280, 2022.
Okamoto, K., Ebina, T., Fuji, N., Konishi, K., Sato, Y., Kashima, T., Nakano, R., Hioki, H., Takeuchi, H., Yumoto, J., Matsuzaki, M., and Ikegaya, Y.
Tb3+-doped fluorescent glass for biology.
Science Advances, 7:eabd2529, 2021.
Miyawaki, T., Morikawa, S., Susaki, E. A., Nakashima, A., Takeuchi, H., Yamaguchi, S., Ueda, H. R., and  Ikegaya, Y.
Visualization and molecular characterization of whole-brain vascular networks with capillary resolution.
Nature Communications, 11:1104, 2020.
Ishikawa, T. and Ikegaya, Y.
Locally sequential synaptic reactivation during hippocampal ripples.
Science Advances, 6:eaay1492, 2020.
Ikegaya, Y. and Matsumoto, N.
Spikes in the sleeping brain (perspective).
Science, 366:306-307, 2019.
Nakashima, A., Ihara, N., Shigeta, M., Kiyonari, H., Ikegaya, Y., and Takeuchi, H.
Structured spike series specify gene expression patterns for olfactory circuit formation.
Science, 365:eaaw5030, 2019.
Sakaguchi, T., Iwasaki, S., Okada, M., Okamoto, K., and Ikegaya, Y.
Ethanol facilitates socially-evoked memory recall in mice by recruiting pain-sensitive anterior cingulate cortical neurons.
Nature Communications, 9:3526, 2018.
Norimoto, H., Makino, K., Gao, M., Shikano, Y., Okamoto, K., Ishikawa, T., Sasaki, T., Hioki, H., Fujisawa, S., and Ikegaya, Y.
Hippocampal ripples down-regulate synapses.
Science, 359:1524-1527, 2018.
Mizunuma, M., Norimoto, H., Tao, K., Egawa, T., Hanaoka, K., Sakaguchi, T., Hioki, H., Kaneko, T., Yamaguchi, S., Nagano, T., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
Unbalanced excitability underlies offline reactivation of behaviorally activated neurons.
Nature Neuroscience, 17:503-505, 2014.
Koyama, R., Tao, K., Sasaki, T., Ichikawa, J., Miyamoto, D., Muramatsu, R., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
GABAergic excitation after febrile seizures induces ectopic granule cells and adult epilepsy.
Nature Medicine, 18:1271-1278, 2012.
Takahashi, N., Kitamura, K., Matsuo, N., Mayford, M., Kano, M., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
Locally synchronized synaptic inputs.
Science, 335:353-356, 2012.
Sasaki, T., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
Action-potential modulation during axonal conduction.
Science, 311:599-601, 2011.
Ikegaya, Y., Aaron, G., Cossart, R., Aronov, D., Lampl, I., Ferster, D., and Yuste, R.
Synfire chains and cortical songs: Temporal modules of cortical activity.
Science, 304:559-564, 2004.

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