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Yoshimoto, A., Morikawa, S., Kato-Ishikura, E., Takeuchi, H., and Ikegaya, Y.
Top-down brain circuits for operant bradycardia.
Science, in press, 2024.
Yawata, Y., Shikano, Y., Ogasawara, J., Makino, K., Kashima, T., Ihara, K., Yoshimoto, A., Morikawa, S., Yagishita, S., Tanaka, K.F., and Ikegaya, Y.
Mesolimbic dopamine release precedes actively sought aversive stimuli.
Nature Communications, 14:2433, 2023.
Noguchi, A., Huszár, R., Morikawa, S., Buzsáki, G., and Ikegaya, Y.
Inhibition allocates spikes during hippocampal ripples.
Nature Communications, 13:1280, 2022.
Okamoto, K., Ebina, T., Fuji, N., Konishi, K., Sato, Y., Kashima, T., Nakano, R., Hioki, H., Takeuchi, H., Yumoto, J., Matsuzaki, M., and Ikegaya, Y.
Tb3+-doped fluorescent glass for biology.
Science Advances, 7:eabd2529, 2021.
Miyawaki, T., Morikawa, S., Susaki, E. A., Nakashima, A., Takeuchi, H., Yamaguchi, S., Ueda, H. R., and  Ikegaya, Y.
Visualization and molecular characterization of whole-brain vascular networks with capillary resolution.
Nature Communications, 11:1104, 2020.
Ishikawa, T. and Ikegaya, Y.
Locally sequential synaptic reactivation during hippocampal ripples.
Science Advances, 6:eaay1492, 2020.
Ikegaya, Y. and Matsumoto, N.
Spikes in the sleeping brain (perspective).
Science, 366:306-307, 2019.
Nakashima, A., Ihara, N., Shigeta, M., Kiyonari, H., Ikegaya, Y., and Takeuchi, H.
Structured spike series specify gene expression patterns for olfactory circuit formation.
Science, 365:eaaw5030, 2019.
Sakaguchi, T., Iwasaki, S., Okada, M., Okamoto, K., and Ikegaya, Y.
Ethanol facilitates socially-evoked memory recall in mice by recruiting pain-sensitive anterior cingulate cortical neurons.
Nature Communications, 9:3526, 2018.
Norimoto, H., Makino, K., Gao, M., Shikano, Y., Okamoto, K., Ishikawa, T., Sasaki, T., Hioki, H., Fujisawa, S., and Ikegaya, Y.
Hippocampal ripples down-regulate synapses.
Science, 359:1524-1527, 2018.
Mizunuma, M., Norimoto, H., Tao, K., Egawa, T., Hanaoka, K., Sakaguchi, T., Hioki, H., Kaneko, T., Yamaguchi, S., Nagano, T., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
Unbalanced excitability underlies offline reactivation of behaviorally activated neurons.
Nature Neuroscience, 17:503-505, 2014.
Koyama, R., Tao, K., Sasaki, T., Ichikawa, J., Miyamoto, D., Muramatsu, R., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
GABAergic excitation after febrile seizures induces ectopic granule cells and adult epilepsy.
Nature Medicine, 18:1271-1278, 2012.
Takahashi, N., Kitamura, K., Matsuo, N., Mayford, M., Kano, M., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
Locally synchronized synaptic inputs.
Science, 335:353-356, 2012.
Sasaki, T., Matsuki, N., and Ikegaya, Y.
Action-potential modulation during axonal conduction.
Science, 311:599-601, 2011.
Ikegaya, Y., Aaron, G., Cossart, R., Aronov, D., Lampl, I., Ferster, D., and Yuste, R.
Synfire chains and cortical songs: Temporal modules of cortical activity.
Science, 304:559-564, 2004.

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